Foundation Single Crochet (FSC)

With a row of foundation single crochet stitches, you work a row of chains and a row of single crochet stitches at one time.

Begin with ch 2, leaving a 4 inch tail:

IMG_0793Stitch 1 – Insert hook into 1st ch, y/o and pull up a loop for the “chain” part of the stitch:


Then for the “single crochet” part of the stitch, y/o, pull up a loop:


y/o, draw through both loops on hook to complete the stitch :


I found that it helps to hold the “chain” while working the sc so that you can crochet the second stitch more easily.

Stitch 2 – Insert hook into the “chain” of the first stitch:


IMG_0840Y/o, pull up a loop for the second chain:


Hold the ch, and y/o, pull up a loop, y/o and draw through both loops to complete the second single crochet.  This is what 2 FSC will look like:


And this is a row of 5:


When joining for a round, like when making an eternity scarf, you sl st in the “sc” part of the stitch, using the tail  to attach the “chains”.


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