Where to Sell

I have been selling my handmade accessories on Etsy since 2008, when I opened my first shop, JadeRoseBoutique.   The main thing I have learned is that on-line marketing changes all the time.  Based on my experience, I have found that Etsy is the best place to sell my handmade sewn and crocheted products and patterns.

Shopify seems to be a growing venue.  It provides you with the opportunity to create your own on-line store and to personalize it.   If you are computer savvy and have the time, it is a wonderful way to market your items in your own signature style.

For me, Etsy is the best in that it allows me more time to be creative.  Although you must use their format, it is convenient, and they take care of all the computer stuff.  Plus, now that digital items sold in Europe are taxable, Etsy takes care of collecting and paying them.  Whew – was I relieved when they announced that change!  In addition, with Etsy you get reduced  USPS shipping rates and a whole community of sellers, with teams and Treasuries to help market your products.

Bonanza and Artfire, although as easy as Etsy to set up, did not work well for my accessories.  Ebay is great for getting rid of merchandise that did not sell on Etsy.

Local Craft Fairs and Shows, with Etsy business cards to give out – do not waste time at Flea Markets unless they are weekly events that you have checked out – know for a fact that the craft booths are busy.  I prefer Craft Fairs to selling on consignment because you get to keep more of your earnings.

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