Marketing Your Crochet

There is a. lot of marketing advice online.  Etsy provides a lot of advice  at no charge.  These are the best tips I have from my experience of 7 years selling on Etsy, beginning with one store in 2008 and expanding to 2 stores in 2011, and then adding a third in 2014.  There is no substitute for a good product.

  1. When you list a few items, you will quickly see what sells.  You want something unique that is all your own.   Search before you list to make sure no one else is selling the exact same item.  Focus your attention on marketing the items that sell.  The more items you list, the better your exposure, but keep in mind the listing fees – they add up quickly.
  2. Take good pictures.  Go to a photography site or find a good book at the library and  to learn how to compose a good shot.  Natural light is great, but you want as few shadows as possible.   This is a good, comprehensive book:  Tony Northrup’s DSLR Book.  I don’t use my DSLR camera all the time  – I often use my little handy Canon, which is light weight, enabling me to take a shot with one hand.
  3. Facebook and Twitter bring more hits to my shops than any other venue.  Pinterest is third.
  4. The greatest number of hits is from Etsy Search.  Tagging is important – more on that later this week.
  5. Join Teams on Etsy – many people make treasuries, which increase your exposure.
  6. Give back – I post the Treasuries featuring my items on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Retweet for others who crochet top quality items.  And I love to surprise my Twitter followers by including their items in my Treasuries.
  7. Enjoy yourself!  Follow your passion.


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