Tagging Your Crochet Items

Tagging, or the words you use to describe your product to the search engine, is extremely important.  You want people to find your product, and tagging is how the search engines find your listings .

In the past few years, I have had to update mine, especially since many venues have grown so quickly.  For example, when I started on Etsy, only 5 listings came up when I searched “walker bags”.   Now there are well over 500.  In addition, I tagged my scarves as “crochet pattern scarf”, based on the statistics of Google Adsense.  Now that Etsy is so large, and recently changed their categories, I had to change my tag to “crochet scarf pattern”.

Before you list an item, go to the search area for your venue, be it Etsy,  Artfire, or another site.  Try different words to see what comes up.  Click on other items in your category, and see what tag words other sellers use.   Write them down so that you have them handy.

Make sure you have as many tags as are allowed.  If you are allowed 13, use all 13.  Make the most of your tagging.

First, choose words that describe your item.  What is it?  What colors are in it?

Second, think about your target market.  Who wants your item?  Disabled people want walker bags, women want some scarves, men want others.  And don’t forget the people shopping for gifts. On Mother’s Day, Father’s Day , and at holiday time, people often enter the search terms, “gift for mom” and “gift for dad”.    I list a lot of home decor items, so I include “showers”, “and “gift for the bride”.

Third,  on what occasions will your item be used?  Can it be worn to a wedding, or on a specific holiday?  For example, if your item has hearts in it, you can list “Valentine’s Day”.  If you have a seasonal item, you may want to list the season and the purpose.  “Winter” and “warm” for hats and “summer” and “beach” for halter tops.

Last, if you do not have the maximum number of tags allowed, include your shop name, for your return customers who may have forgotten the exact spelling.  You can use the categories, like “supplies” or “handmade”, but these mostly tell the shopper specifically what it is – they automatically point buyers to your item.

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