Crochet Challenge 2015

Join JadeRoseCrochet in participating in the 2015 Crochet Challenge,  Post War Blues, at the Booklyn Army Terminalby mixed media artist Isabelle Garbani..  This community based installation calls attention to the issue of the many innovations that occur as a result of war,  what happens after the conflict is resolved, and how we can work together to heal as a group.


We are making flowers out of recycled plastic shopping bags come out of the train in a wave of color for 300 feet.  Click on the pic for more information, as well as instructions on how to cut up the plastic bags.


To start you off, here is a free flower pattern.

Beginning with a magic circle, ch 1.

Rnd 1:  work 5 sc into the circle, join with sl st to sc at beg of rnd

Rnd 2:  ch 1, (2 sc in sc)5 times, join.

Rnd 3:  ch 1, (2 sc in sc)10 times, join.  20 sc.

Rnd 4:  ch 1, (2 dc in next st, 2 tr in next, 2 dc in next, ch 1, sl st in next st)5 times.  Join.  Fasten off.

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